What are the HubSpot Source Values for 3rd party data integrations

A list of original source values from third-party Integrations

About Original Source

When a contact is created from a third party source via an integration, they will be attributed at a high level, to the Offline Sources category. 

Drill Down Source 1 will be populated with INTEGRATION while Drill Down Source 2 will provide additional details to further refine list segmentations, reporting hooks and criteria to grab for workflows. 

Sales Intel HubSpot Source Values

Below is a list of Drill Down Source 2 Values that we will  work to maintain. 



Drill down 2: ZoomInfo by DiscoverOrg



Drill down 2: SalesIntel



Drill down 2: Vidyard



Drill down 2: Zoom Integration



Drill down 2: Outgrow



Drill down 2: Smith.ai